EFI ES-6000: New Scanning Spectrophotometer for Digital Press Color Management

EFI announced a new color chart reading spectrophotometer that automates and streamlines the press profiling process in Fiery Driven digital color production printing. The new EFI ES-6000 scanning network spectrophotomer is fully integrated into EFI Fiery digital front end workflows. As a result, print professionals can quickly and easily update profiles and verify color to ensure the best possible color output from their digital presses.

The EFI ES-6000 can read thousands of color patches in minutes and accommodates M0, M1 and M2 measurement illumination conditions. Graphic arts professionals can manage the complexities of measuring optically brightened substrates now commonly used in digital printing environments.

Making sure that press profiles are up to date and digital presses are properly calibrated can be a challenge,” said John Henze, vice president of marketing, EFI Fiery. “The award winning Fiery Color Profiler Suite combined with the EFI ES-6000 scanning network spectrophotometer solves this issue, providing important color management advantages for EFI Fiery users with multiple digital presses.

The ES-6000 spectrophotometer, supplied through EFI’s relationship with X-Rite, and EFI Fiery Color Profiler Suite are integrated together to offer next-generation digital print color measurement. Using the spectrophotomer on a print shop’s local access network makes it ideal for efficient color management of multiple print engines in a single shop location.

Multiple people can use Fiery Color Profiler Suite to print color patch pages that can be fed into the ES-6000 in any order for automated measurement. The ES-6000 then automatically communicates results back to the correct user to enable efficient completion of the color management or verification process.

Users gain a greater level of speed, automation and accuracy in digital press profiling over handheld spectrophotometers in multi-press EFI Fiery production workflows. Available now worldwide, the ES-6000 spectrophotometer can read up to 2,500 patches on a single A3/tabloid sheet in just 10 minutes. EFI Fiery users can spend less time profiling their digital press fleets by using the device to conduct press configuration tasks automatically with no setup or IT involvement.

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Source: EFI

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