ISE 2014: Sharp launches two touch screen LCD monitors for digital signage

LL-P202V_presentationAt ISE Sharp unveils two new Full-HD touch screen LCD monitors: a 20” monitor with a digitizerpen for high precision design work (LL-P202V) and a new 24” monitor with a highly sensitive touch panel (LL- S242A), designed for displaying information and in-store signage in retail, leisure and exhibition environments.

Christian Schwaiger, Vice President, Sharp Visual Solutions Europe, said “The touch screen LCD monitorswe’re launching at ISE expand our commercial display line-up, providinginnovative new solutions to meet the wide range of display challenges facing businesses today. Challenges like needing to write on a screen as naturally as you would write with a pencil on paper and needing digital signs that can be easily updated even when they’re positioned out of reach.”

The main features of the new touch screens are:

  • 20” monitor with digitizerpen (LL-P202V)
  • The thin and lightweight LL-P202V, which comes complete with a highly precise digitizerpen, is ideal for image work using design and illustration software, as well as written work with standard Microsoft Office applications.
  • The digitizer pen, in combination with the especially resistant screen, delivers a natural writing experience by allowing the user to change line thickness by altering pressure, in the same way as using a normal pencil. Italso includes two function buttons which the user can configure for their most frequently used operations, e.g. pressing the button for an eraser, or using the button as a right-click.
  • An ergonomicstand allows the user to adjust the display angle within 20-75 degrees so they can work as comfortably as possible, and easily share what’s on their screen with colleagues. The screen can also be used horizontally, without the stand.

Source: Sharp press release

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