Neschen on course

Neschen AG celebrated its 125 anniversary with an open day. During the day hundreds of visitors took the opportunity to inform themselves about the largest local employer. In the evening employees, customers, suppliers and partners came together in the festively decorated production hall.


Even after 125 years high innovative strength has been proven to be the right course for Neschen AG

It was a great day and we are happy that we could spend it with our employees worldwide, customers, partners and the people from this area,’ said a delighted Lars Woltermann, head of Corporate Marketing. It was a market of possibilities with ample varieties and whoever wanted could roll headlong in a huge transparent plastic ball on the Neschen parking lot. Whole school classes brought their books which the Neschen book specialists covered with protection film – after all for decades Neschen has been the leading supplier of protection and repair films for books for libraries and archives.

One of the highlights was the state-of the art gudy, a dot adhesive used for many applications. In the showroom as well as in the crafts corners at the market of possibilities the roller was well used and tested. But even the day before the dispenser was used a lot at the spots where stickers, signs etc. were applied that had to be removed afterwards without leaving any residue.

In close contact with innovations

During several guided tours the visitors could convince themselves of the modern production of the Neschen materials. The first stop of the plant tour was the materials storage where raw materials and semi-finished products are stored at more than 2,500 storage locations. More than 2,000 finished products are readily available as rolls in order to guarantee a high delivery capability. Then the visitors stopped at the ‘powerhouse of ideas’ i.e. the development department and the laboratory, where innovative coatings and adhesives are created. The finished formulations are mixed together. Depending on the production lot size the weight of adhesive mixtures ranges from a few kilograms to several tons. Afterwards at the coating system a staff member explained how the finished adhesive is applied to the carrier material. The liquid adhesive flows through pipes to the machine and is then applied to the carrier layer by means of appropriate coating heads. Up to 200 meters of film pass through the system in one minute. In three shifts more than one hundred thousand meters of material can be coated per day and assembled to manufactured products. Finally the visitors arrived at the new showroom where they were shown examples of advertising banners, display systems, digital print films for XXL-prints, digital wallpaper, films to protect and repair books, technical coatings and much more made with materials manufactured by Neschen – a real paradise for advertising engineers, interior designers and creative people from all over the world.

Keeping the course

In the evening 250 guests celebrated the official 125-year-anniversary.

First, the speaker of the Management Board, Henrik Felbier, welcomed the guests. Employees from all branches and subsidiaries came to the event. Neschen is represented in more than 60 countries with its own branches and via dealers and partners. The manager outlined the history of Neschen beginning at the plaster production for the royal court up to 1960s with the development of filmolux, the Bückeburg book-skin and up to the present. He also pointed out the ups and downs and changes Neschen had to cope with during the past 125 years and that the company always succeeded in taking the right course due to the constant innovative strength. Neschen’s history was marked by numerous innovative products, but the company in Bückeburg has always stuck to adhesives.

One of the highlights at the gala event was surely the ceremonial presentation of the NESCHEN chronicle. The NESCHEN chronicler, Vanessa Erstmann, prepared this chronicle after an intensive research work on the occasion of the 125-year-anniversary.

Source: Neschen AG

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