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Six worlds, two halls, one trade fair – preparations for viscom 2014 are in full swing. The new structure with six theme words in Halls 3.0 and 3.1 at the Exhibition Centre Frankfurt serves to comprehensively cover all visual communications sectors. There’s been a change in the days of the week, too: For the first time, viscom will take place from Wednesday (5 November) to Friday (7 November).


It will be bigger and more differentiated: For the first time ever, viscom frankurt will take place in two halls. “Two years ago, viscom frankfurt was bursting at the seams,” says viscom Director Petra Lassahn. “The expansion this year to include the upper floor doesn’t just mean we’re keeping pace with the steady growth, it also affords us an opportunity to better structure the trade fair with our target groups in mind.” In the “Technology and Materials” segment, viscom will aim at equipment and materials buyers, advertising technicians, print service providers, and furniture and equipment suppliers, while the “Application and Marketing” segment will target brand manufacturers and distributors, manufacturing and retail marketing decision-makers, agencies, creative talent and designers.

Accordingly, Hall 3.0 on the ground floor will be dominated by new technology and manufacturing processes, latest-generation equipment, plus accessories and materials. Exhibitors here will represent large-format printing, signmaking including advertising technology and illuminated advertising, and object design. Hall 3.1 on the upper level will be the place to be mainly for visitors in search of complete package solutions and inspiration. The hall will be home to exhibitors from the areas digital signage, POS display, POS packaging and object design, as well as a cross-section of all the core segments represented at the viscom World of Inspiration. That event’s theme this year will be “Multisense,” and it will showcase current developments, highlights and new products on about 800 m².

Over 70% of the exhibition space has already been booked. Momentum generated by the new segments is responsible for a particularly large share of first-time exhibitors. The positive development of visitor numbers in recent years is another reason to be optimistic. “The trade fair has become widely established as a must-attend event for our industry,” says Petra Lassahn. “That’s true not just for the German market. The international dialogue taking place at the trade fair is another one of our strong points.” In 2013, about 20% of a total of 13,578 trade visitors came from outside Germany.

The world goes visual – visual communication moves the world

Be it the Corel and Adobe workshops, the focus days dedicated to visual communication topics or the lunch & learns: A series of lectures and workshops entitled “The world goes visual – visual communication moves the world” will be offered on each trade fair day. A special focus in 2014 will be on digital signage, marketing at the POS and advertising technology.

That’s what viscom stands for: Inspiring your business

What’s possible – how is it done – who can do it? In short: Inspiring your business. At viscom, visitors get an opportunity to broaden their horizons while at the same time being able to find all their primary interests bundled in one place. Synergies between various exhibition segments can be perfectly leveraged. “Anyone visiting viscom will bring ideas and inspiration back to their business and to the business they do with their customers,” says Petra Lassahn. “Our event’s lifeblood is discovering and combining new forms of customer communication.” By now, viscom has emerged as the industry’s gathering spot for anyone working in advertising-related communication and design. At the same time, viscom remains strong in its core areas advertising and printing technology. For instance, it’s the only trade fair in Europe that offers a 360° look at visual communication.

The six core segments of viscom

Large format printing is the first of the six equally important core segments at viscom. New business areas are developing in this area in response to new user demands and applications. In order to serve companies seeking innovative printing processes, solutions and business models, viscom will bundle the concentrated force of the printing industry in this effective confluence of machine, software and medium.

Signmaking has always been one of viscom’s core segments. The number of technologies is increasing. Processes are getting more complex. At viscom, advertising technicians, graphics shops and media production specialists will find everything they need to ensure the long-term success of their business, and they’ll appreciate receiving valuable input on the latest trends.

Digital Signage has long been a fixture at viscom, an area where the visual communication universe is paired up with the promise of digital. Exhibitors will present ideas to visitors on how to optimally use digital signage, be it in retail, at hotels and restaurants, train stations and airports, cultural institutions or in public spaces. By combining what’s technically feasible with content that make sense, viscom promotes acceptance and sales of networked solutions.

POS display: The name is a new one, but the area as such has been featured at the trade fair for a number of years. Brand manufacturers and trade marketers need to generate attention at the POS. Whether they’re for short- or long-term deployment – viscom will present to its trade visitors innovative product or stand-alone displays in any colour and style imaginable.

POS packaging will be making its debut as a distinct trade fair segment at viscom. From folded boxes to packaging printing to modern safety technologies, marketing and communication – viscom will offer a home to this multifaceted topic revolving around packaging, a topic that’s embedded in the entire visual communication chain. Moreover, trade marketing managers, product managers, buyers and creative talent from all sectors will be inspired by new materials, colours and printing processes. Druckverfahren.

Object design will also be making its debut as a separate trade fair segment in 2014. Among the broad range of viscom offerings, trade fair visitors from sectors such as object design, architecture and processing will find technologies, processes and materials that generate inspiring impulses and new solutions that meld together the world of analogue and the world of digital.

About viscom frankfurt 2014

From classic advertising technology to digital printing through to digital advertising and POS media – with its six theme worlds, viscom presents the innovations in visual communication. In addition to the inspiring synergies created by the six themes – large format printing – signmaking – object design – covering the “Technologies and Materials” segment and – digital signage – POS display – POS packaging – covering the “Applications and Marketing” segment, the event is clearly structured and thus leaves plenty of room for the development of each sector’s identity. A key factor for the success of viscom exhibitors and visitors alike, the event blends a classic trade fair with application-focussed special shows, European-level awards and an extensive supporting programme. This diversity is reflected in the trade fair’s visitor target groups, as well: viscom is aimed at brand manufacturers and distributors, manufacturing and retail marketing decision-makers, object designers, equipment and materials buyers, craftsmen, agencies, and creative talent. Alternating locations between Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, viscom 2014 will take place from Wednesday, 5 November, to Friday, 7 November. Some 350 exhibitors and 13,000 trade visitors are expected to attend.

Source: Viscom press release

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